Broadband Everywhere, for Everyone !

Omnipoint  Broadband Internet Plans are the Best Choice for Internet for Your Business and Home. OMNIPOINT TVNOW! and OmnipointPHONE are awesome Add On Services.

WIFI Router Available

Router available for every residential customer


Omnipoint TVNOW! offers over 70 LIVE TV channels you can watch on any device.

Free Installations

Available for a limited time in certain areas.


Why Choose Omnipoint

  • Internet Plans For Your Office Work and Home
  • Super Fast Speed For Better Work
  • Benefits of Omnipoint Using LTE Internet
  • Omnipoint Network  Faster Than Other Networks
  • Monthly Internet Packages with NO CONTRACTS
  • Unlimited Data Package
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Downloading High Speed Data For Files, Videos, etc…

Ultra Omnipoint Broadband Plans are the Best Choice for Internet for Your Business and Home.  Omnipoint Provides Superior Services Over Others You Deserve The Best Network.

Omnipoint is an award-winning Internet Service Provider and Network Operator based in the US. We were established in 2015 to offer a better standard of broadband service nationwide. We’re very proud to give our customers the best possible support, while still offering industry leading prices and outstanding value for money.


Omnipoint Technology now offfers first-rate products like DIRECTV®, AT&T Mobility, AT&T Fiber, Business Solutions, and FirstNet services

I am extremely happy with this service. I had some problems in the beginning. But the support team was awesome in helping me figure things out and get it working just how I wanted it to. Thank you again. I highly recommend this service.

RichardUI DeveloperFintech

Really the best support I've ever had, I solved several configuration issues in minutes with the help of Omnipoint Tech Support! Great job!!


My problem was solved in matters of minutes! Thanks to Mawk who was very kind and patient with me. No doubt I will call again if I have a problem! Thanks, OMNIPOINT.

VasteeFashion Model